Daylight Fades

Daylight Fades

Check out this collection of behind the scenes stills in a beautiful hardcover book. Available to order now in two different editions!

  • Watch the fourteenth episode of Chasing Daylight: On the Set of Daylight Fades.

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    DAYLIGHT FADES is now available to watch FREE* online at HULU for a limited time.

    *some devices such as AppleTV and iPad require Hulu Plus

    Watch Here:

    This is the widest distribution we have landed for the film in the US and we are asking for your help for it to be a success!

    Here are ways you can help…

    1 – Watch the Film

    2 – Rate and Comment on the film page

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    The more views, the longer people view, the more comments and better ratings we receive the longer it will stay on Hulu. As of now the film may be removed at anytime… or Hulu can choose to keep it available if enough people watch it.



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    This Flickr feed shows the most recent photos from the production of the film.